Windscreen Chip Repairs

Our car window chip repair services come highly recommended by our loyal customers. After 26 years of experience, we tend to know a chip from a scratch. The experts that we work with know the exact techniques needs to get rid of annoying chips and scratches on your windscreen.

It is important to get a chip fixed as soon as possible as we never know when it will develop into a crack. Those are generally harder to fix and definitely pricier than fixing a simple chip in your car window or windscreen.

Take care of your care with us and we’ll take care of you!

Ultrabond brings the best services to you at the most competitive prices. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide top of the line services at affordable rates for everyone.

Here’s a simple step by step run through of how we fix the chips in your car.

  • Our experts take a good look to ensure that the chips can in fact be fixed. It is important to make sure you don’t make a mistake in the beginning stages and not overdo it.
  • The chipped areas is then cleaned using a specialized device. This is done to make sure that the resin required to seal the chip/crack sticks properly.
  • A vacuum is formed which then allows us to fill in the chip or crack with said resin.
  • Our experts then check to see if the crack is filled properly using specialised equipment.
  • The resin is then left to harden on the glass
  • Once hardened, the surface is polished to a shine to ensure that all the gaps are filled.

These series of short and simple steps show you a glimpse of what we do best! If you’d like to have your gaps sealed and chips taken care of, call us and set up an appointment with us today!

Most chips can now be repaired including those up to 15mm and even larger.

Repairs when done properly achieve the following:

1. Prevent the chip from spreading
2. Make the chip much less visable – typically 85% to 95% improvement
3. When done properly, chip repairs normally bring the windscreen to roadworthy standard


chip repair quality

Whilst the optical clarity of the stone chip will vastly improve, stonechip repairs are not designed to remove the mark 100%, they are designed to restore the strength to the windscreen so the chip wont spread further. Rest assured we stand behind our work 100%.

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